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7 Golden rules to keep his man in love


How do I know if my man is totally in love and invested in the relationship? How can I assure myself of his love to build a strong couple life? How to keep a man in love and make sure to develop his love story?

Most of the female couples who contact me always have a phrase in their head, "How do I know if my man is really in love?" The mistakes and sufferings of the past always play a negative role on your daily life and you would like now to be able to build a life of more serene couple. To achieve this there are golden rules to scrupulously respect in order to keep his man in love over time.

How to keep your man: the key points

1 / Become a confidante and take an interest in him
2 / Always have this inaccessible and seductive side
3 / Have frank and honest communication at all times
4 / Live deeply the present moment to two two
5 / Let speak your desires and take initiatives

Today you will know the signs that do not deceive and all the tricks to be certain to have found the good. I will help you through this article to understand why the majority of men in love can not show their feelings but also how to spot the signs of affection or attachment of your companion.

You must know that men and women are relatively different and we all have our way of communicating. This article will help you better understand the male psychology smoothly through accurate explanations of how men communicate their love and the solutions to put in place to keep his man and make him love.

Do not hesitate to ask me all your questions in the comments and to present me your story because each situation is unique. I wish you a good reading !

Maintain a relationship: The basis for keeping a man!

I am among those who think that in love, nothing is impossible and that you can perfectly avoid arguments and let them serious crises to other couples. Nevertheless, the will and even the feelings are not enough to maintain a relationship and ensure the love of his partner. It is important to act and put in place effective acts to achieve serenity with his half.

When one wonders how to keep a man and that one wishes to remain the only one in his heart must be aware that the task ahead will be tricky if until now you were in the wrong and it will therefore change radically attitude and you will have to go against some of your habits. Nothing is simple, of course, but nothing is impossible in love !

We must therefore group three essential elements: determination, patience and mastery of the most appropriate techniques. In this way you will be able to behave in the best way and make him understand that you are the one and only. Whether you've been dating for just a few weeks or married for years, it's never too late to take initiatives and finally adopt the right attitude. Yes you are hesitant or you do not know how to do it, you must already know your desires, needs and expectations.

Do you know the philosophy of the love of men?

Before going into the practical tips and rules to respect for keep his man in loveI still wanted to give you the words I can hear from them every day. The majority of men view love as a way to flourish. They need to have a woman who is able to "dream" in everyday life and especially who can respond to their desire for affection and recognition.

The big problem is that you often tend to be taken for granted if you give them too much attention and it is from this moment that a man gets tired. So to keep her husband or to keep her boyfriend and to make a stable relationship last, I encourage you to find the balance between daily affection and challenge to always remain a "femme fatale".

Your man must feel a constant desire to seduce you, to please you, to make you fall in love. On your side, you will have to fight against:

- Your nature which can make you tend towards an emotional dependence,
- Your need to have a man on a daily basis to keep your life as a woman
- Your desire to have a "perfect" relationship where each small problem becomes unreasonable and prevents you from blossoming.

I'm not saying that this is the case for all women but these are the three main causes that prevent you from keep a man and make him in love (or happy!).

Keeping a man all his life is it possible?

It is the dream of all women with feelings: to know how to keep it and consider a peaceful future for two.However, fairy tales do not exist and love with a great A is for many only a myth. It is true that a lot of men do not help to improve the reputation of the male. Because of deceptions, lies, infidelities, of a bad amorous behavior on the part of the men whom they frequent, some women have difficulty to trust the love and thus to let speak their feelings.

A sentimental disappointment is not a shame, you have the right to feel this sadness after a failure and blame your ex partner, but not everyone will behave this way. Look around you, there are bound to be examples of happy women. Keeping your soul mate all your life is like something difficult to imagine for many. Nevertheless, one should not think that to live a beautiful and long love story is something impossible. I take as an example the generation of our parents or our grandparents. Some of you will tell me that this was another time and that things were different, but it's still a proof that love and so that life together can continue. And note of optimism, it is still the case today. But to achieve this, you still have to ask how to keep your guy but also act in this way!

What you want is a love story that lasts, build a family, and make sure that your feelings do not crumble over time. It is not necessarily a blue flower to think so, you have the right to want to live in happiness and not just for a few years. I am one of those who think that in love everything is possible but that under certain conditions. Indeed, I will not make you dream and tell you that just giving time to live happy, it would give you false hopes. It is by applying, the good methods and I will have the time to return a little further, that you will be able to consider serenely your life of couple.

How to keep a man and be in love permanently?

The good question to keep your man in love is not necessarily the level of feelings. Therefore when you ask yourself "How to make a man totally in love?" You are wrong somewhere. We must indeed turn more to happiness and well-being. So you have to ask yourself "How to make him happy by my side ?”.

You will notice that at this moment you will forget your personal desires to concentrate fully on the needs of your partner as well as on his expectations. Attention, this does not mean that you will have to put your personality aside, but it remains necessary to understand the desires of his man before trying to answer it, otherwise you will be fooled by his needs. You very often amalgamate between your desires and those of your half considering that your companion will have the same ones as yours and it is thus that the problems of couple settle down. Or even worse you say that by answering the question how to make love to a man you will drive him crazy!

For a man to be constantly in love, he needs to share new experiences in his relationship, and therefore I invite you to innovate as much as possible. At the same time, you will be able to avoid letting the routine settle down and create a totally fulfilling relationship.

To go even further, it is important for a man to take the habit of taking initiatives and you must let him manage the organization of everyday life or take distances so that it is he who first write you for example. The more you will be able to force him to take the first step and the more you can be present in his mind.

When you get to create a balanced relationship then you have every chance to see your man totally in love and invested in the relationship. To go even further, I propose to you to discover the 4 essential rules to know how to retain a man.

The 4 rules to hold a man!

For keep his husband and that he is still in love there is no mystery. It is essential that you maintain good self-confidence and take control of your day to be an "actress" of your love life. Men creak in front of enterprising and positive women. To have this state of mind, here are the 4 essential rules to remember absolutely but be careful if you want to keep a man in a remote relationship you should rather follow the advice of this article because they are really specific: how to keep his man despite the distance.

Do not hesitate to show him your gratitude

When your partner performs an action in your direction to please you, you must show him that his action affects you and that you are aware of the efforts he makes.You must be able to touch it with your words and show your gratitude for what it brings you on a daily basis.

While it is sometimes difficult to implement because some women feel dependent on their partner, but this is absolutely not the case. When he has a good deed towards you, you must also show him that you are grateful. It is extremely important to be able to say when things are not going well, but also when things are going well! To better understand this aspect, I made a video that I advise you to watch now.

Keep his man crazy in love thanks to the present moment ...

I chose to evoke this coaching experience to give you the most concrete advice possible.

When I meet a woman (regardless of her profile) who wants to save her couple and keep her man, we always put a plan in place for several weeks. The specific goal is to help you enjoy the moment by offering activities that will help you defeat the routine, boost your libido and strengthen your love.

The more a man has a good time with you, the more you can bring him to to invest in the relationship.

For the present moment to be as intense as possible, you must accept that it is coupled with distancements that allow you to balance your life. Remember that a man will always need to idealize you and that you need to have your life as a woman, your personal life, your life friendly and of course your professional life too.

The number one rule in communication!

By meeting and accompanying thousands of women since 2007, I realized that you had a tendency to make a fundamental misconception about communication. You have the habit of taking away an error from your companion without taking the time to question it beforehand.

This situation destabilizes you because your partner will always find a way to have a good excuse and sometimes even to blame your behavior or your impulsiveness.

So to have good communication and to avoid being overheard, I always invite you to start a dialogue with questions that allow you to take the information, understand why your man has not been able to meet your expectations and then be able to forget the criticism to find solutions to two. This will avoid making certain situations explosive.

Let speak your desires to spice up your daily life ...

For to make a man even more in love or to make it completely addicted, and so make sure to keep it close to you, you will have to let talk your desires, do not hesitate to test new things together with the aim of spicing up your daily life and to feed or rather improve the libido of your couple.

For this, nothing more simple, I advise you to read my special file for to learn to give pleasure to a man.Sex and communication are the bases of a good relationship and you have to be open to taking initiative and your first wishes.

Do not be acquired simply to please him ...

The problem of women who want to know at all costs how to keep a man is that by asking dozens of questions, they very often fall into emotional dependence. Indeed, if you are in this situation, the anxiety to lose it inevitably takes hold of you, you think of celibacy and therefore, what you put in place is not natural and it is therefore inadequate.

For many, the fact of avoiding that he goes to another one keeps her husband. Watch her SMS, search her Facebook, spy on her actions, some women become real spies when their love life is concerned. Nevertheless, you should not see infidelity as the only problem you may encounter for your couple to continue. On the contrary, being too stifling and jealous is a way to destroy it.

The second way of doing things when we fear lose his manis to be much too present. To meet the needs of his companion, to meet his expectations you say "yes" to everything. Even when he is wrong, you forgive him his mistakes and you can not impose yourself because you gave him all the powers. However, you must also think about yourself and grow in this relationship. So you must not let everything go in the one and only hope of stay with him.

Tips for keeping a man's feelings

Not to be in demand and not to spy are methods to exclude, you are probably wondering what is the way to proceed to apply for a man to keep his love.You must not think that it is complicated or impossible to put in place because they are tricks, which even if they really require determination and envy, are not complicated to implement.

Being inaccessible to know how to keep a man

Unlike emotional dependence, you must be unreachable to keep your man attracted to you. Indeed, it is not by being at his feet every moment that you will keep it near you. However, to be inaccessible to keep a man it does not mean putting distance all along your relationship but simply to perpetuate this mysterious side at certain times. A woman who knows how to be desired is a real magnet for men, who leaves for pride and love, will go to her.

Become the confidante of his companion

More than a woman, a man is looking for a friend. Be careful, I do not mean to say that you have to be in the friend-zone or that your relations must be friendly, not least!

You form a couple and you must have gestures that endorse. But if you want your man to carry you in his heart for a long time, he must be given more, just as he must also make efforts. If you become the person to whom he tells his secrets, if you support him in difficult times, if you share things only between you, your couple will be stronger and he will move on to another stage.

The more you succeed in making yourself better by making decisions, the more your man will want to share a good time. Now be the driving force of your relationship without doing too much of course and you can make sure to have a man in love every day!

Bonus tip: how to keep a man with sex!

Even though sex should not be the only argument you have for keeping a man, it's a good way to strengthen a relationship. You must be able to show him that you understand his general state of mind but also that under the quilt everything will be good and that you will constantly seek to improve your relationship.

For that I will give you a little secret, nothing new because I am sure you already know it, but a little reminder is never superfluous. Know that the majority of men are crazy about a practice that can make you feel uncomfortable, it's about fellatio.

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I wish you the best in your love life and do not forget to take action to have an investment in the relationship. Men love women who know how to take initiatives and who are not afraid to innovate whether in sexual matters or not.

To go even further, I myself realized a complete program specific to this situation which is entitled " How to keep his man? ". I invite you now to watch the video presentation by clicking here.

Feel free to ask me all your questions in the comments, I will be happy to answer you personally.

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